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Jammy 50 cm

Jammy 50 cm
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€ 14,00 Discount 14.2%


Item code: BLJ50
Brand: Beal
Color: Black
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (12 PZ)

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Beal Jammy 5.5 mm climbing lanyard ring with an aramid core and polyamide sock. Ideal for creating a self-locking knot such as a Prusik or a Machard and thus increasing your safety when you come down on a rope and used a lot in the construction of a fast blocking hoist. Designed for singles, half ropes, one or both half ropes. Jammy is resistant even if subjected to considerable overheating, at the top of flexibility, it keeps on ropes even of small diameter.

5.5mm sewn rope sling made with an aramid core and polyamide sheath. When configured as a Prusik it can be used with
single or half rope, on one or both half ropes.

Strenght: 22kN


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