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Concept Tg (Ghiera Triplex), Grigio/Azzurro

Concept Tg (Ghiera Triplex), Grigio/Azzurro
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Item code: 2C33900.XPH
Brand: Climbing Technology
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (8 PZ)

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HMS carabiner in hot forged light alloy with triplex automatic ring, designed for traditional, sport climbing and for mountaineering in general.
Main features:
particularly suitable for use with insurance devices;
ample internal space for the use of the half boatman's knot and for parked rope maneuvers;
accentuated double T profile, for an excellent weight / resistance ratio;
worked and lightened shape, for a better grip;
catch-free closure that avoids accidental entanglement during use.

Dimensions: 105 x 73 mm
Major axis strength: 23 KN
Minor axis resistance: 8 KN
Open lever resistance: 8 KN
Weight: 81 grams
Lever space open: 21 mm


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