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Top Shell Slider, Via Ferrata Set, 40 / 120 Kg

Top Shell Slider, Via Ferrata Set, 40 / 120 KgTop Shell Slider, Via Ferrata Set, 40 / 120 Kg
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Item code: 2K373FAZP1CTSTD
Brand: Climbing Technology
Unit of measurement: PZ
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Via ferrata set developed in accordance with the criteria established by the new EN 958:2017 standards. It is equipped with SLIDER (patent pending), a progressive tearing energy absorber. The set can be used by people weighing more than 40kg (88 lbs, without equipment) up to a weight of 120 kg (265 lbs, including the equipment). Particularly recommended in the case of intensive use, for hire and for collective use, thanks to the wearresistant cover on the carabiners. Main characteristics: SLIDER, a compact energy absorber that ensures exceptional progressive braking and low impact force on the user in case of a fall, also when the userís weight is in the intermediate range (60-80-100 kg); type K carabiners with automatic double-gate locking system and wear-resistant cover (K-ADVANCE SHELL); robust and elastic arms to ease clipping and unclipping manoeuvres. The arms are independently Y-connected to the absorber in order to provide the best performance in the event of a load; central lanyard also connected to the absorber, working as a third connection point to stop/rest on an anchor, if needed; robust and durable orange loop for the connection to the harness with a girth hitch, easy to install, very sturdy and long-lasting; compact and strong protective pouch containing the absorber, with a zip that facilitates the inspection of the safety label, in case of a fall and/or before each use; the product is supplied in its proper net bag.


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