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9,4 mm Stinger III dry cover unicore (mt 70 - BE fuchsia)

9,4 mm Stinger III dry cover unicore
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Item code: C094-MT70.BEFU
Brand: Beal
Size: mt 70
Color: BE fuchsia
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (1 PZ)

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Designed for high-level, is the single rope preferred for
hard routes.
High number of falls <br />
Fluency, which greatly facilitates clipping.
Single rope
Diameter: 9.4mm
Weight per meter: 59g
Beal guaranteed impact force: 8.2 kN
Beal guaranteed number of falls: 7

Available in Dry Cover or Golden Dry

Dry Cover
Each filament of the sheath of 'Dry Cover' ropes treated with a water repellent chemical before the rope is manufactured. This chemical covering is polymerised
at high temperature. The durability of this treatment is given by the polymerisation, but also because the individual treatment of each filament before the rope is made. On a Dry Cover rope, the core is not treated.

Golden Dry
In addition to the performance of Dry Cover, Beal also enhances the durability of the core by another exclusive procedure. Every filament in the strands of the core is coated with a fluoride solution by a continuous process, which is then heat-set and polymerised onto the polyamide. Protecting the rope from water absorption eliminates weight increase, risk of freezing on cold weather climbs, and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.

Key features:
Improved resistance to grit and to humidity.
Limited water absorption.
Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices.
Improved abrasion resistance in normal climbing use.


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