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  •  13.04.2022 (PR) ITALY

    Precisi, veloci e convenienti come sempre. Ancora una volta complimenti.

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    Super....come ogni volta.......non sbagliano un colpo......Bravi AAA

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    Buon prezzo e consegna veloce.

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Dry Chalk, 100 ml

Dry Chalk, 100 ml
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Dry Chalk, 100 ml

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€ 15,00 Discount 33.3%


Item code: MHDC-100
Brand: Monkey Hands
Color: White
Type: Climbing
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (6 PZ)


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It dries your hands and increases friction providing a chalk-like feeling – without the messiness of chalk!

It can also be used in combo as base layer before applying other grip types.

No residue on equipment and clothes;
Comes in a recycled plastic packaging (PCR);
Travel size (100ml).
Remember to clean and dry well your hands before applying and let it absorb for 60sec.

Recommended for: Climbing, CrossFit, Calisthenics, Body building, Weightlifting, Tennis.

The Dry is our last and most innovative product of our chalks line – It’s actually not correct using the world "chalk" as it is chalk-free!

The Dry:

  • Does not contain industrial grade ingredients, which are known to have carcinogenic potential for humans;
  • Is not tested on animals;
  • Is vegan;
  • Does not contain parabens and petrolatum;
  • Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


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