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  •  13.04.2022 (PR) ITALY

    Precisi, veloci e convenienti come sempre. Ancora una volta complimenti.

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    Super....come ogni volta.......non sbagliano un colpo......Bravi AAA

  •  10.04.2022 (BZ) ITALY89815

    Buon prezzo e consegna veloce.

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Liquid white gold

Liquid white gold
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Liquid white gold

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€ 12,00 Discount 6%


Item code: 550493
Brand: Black Diamond
Color: White
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (26 PZ)


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The Black Diamond White Liquid Gold is a mixture of magnesium powder, alcohol, so that spreads like an ointment. The alcohol evaporates and the hands are completely impregnated with magnesium.

Prevents sweating hands, since easily absorbed, but also a liquid, enters the pore, reducing sweating of the hands. He has good properties, because once widespread, has a great durability and reduces the consumption of magnesium in the bag halfway, depending on the climber.

The Liquid White Gold greatly reduces the need to go dipping your hands in the chalk bag. In sport climbing, you need only put on liquid magnesium before the climb. Ideal for climbing block and training rooms to last long and does not stain almost anything. Volume: 150 ml.

Weight: 170 grams.


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