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The One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, Blue (mt 70)

The One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, BlueThe One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, BlueThe One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, BlueThe One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, Blue
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The One 9.6 mm Oekotex Certified, Blue (mt 70)

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€ 169,00 Discount 10%


Item code: BC096TO.B.MT70
Brand: Beal
Size: mt 70
Color: Blue
Type: Corde Singole
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (1 PZ)


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Beal The One 9.6 Unicore is a limited and numbered special edition string, produced in 2,500 pieces worldwide. It is a rope with unique characteristics, equipped with Unicore technology, construction of the Soft Touch sock to facilitate its sliding and fluidity.

SOFT TOUCH: The Soft Touch process provides an extremely soft shirt. This technology reduces the friction of the rope in the carabiners, providing greater fluidity and greater resistance to abrasion. The sock is sewn with 1 × 1 stitch.

UNICORE: The Beal The One 9.6 is made with Unicore construction. This process ensures that the core and the sock are a single component, so if the sock is cut, the core remains intact, ensuring maximum safety.

OEKO-TEX: The One 9.6 is the first rope to be approved according to the OEKO-TEX ® standard, which guarantees that the rope making process is environmentally friendly and that no toxic substances or additives have been used. The One 9.6 is 100% recyclable.

MAGIC PACK: the rope is packaged with the Magic Pack system, which allows it to be unwound, before the first use, in a perfect way, to prevent future tendency to twist.

 Impact force 7.7kN
Number of falls 6
Sock scroll 0
Dynamic elongation 33%
Static elongation 7%


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