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120 Cool Tec Wool Wash Ts M, Blue Lake (EU S)

120 Cool Tec Wool Wash Ts M, Blue Lake
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€ 70,00 Discount 40%


Item code: 88151.52701.S
Brand: Ortovox
Size: EU S
Color: Blue
Gender: Uomo
Season: Primavera Estate 2021
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Not available

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Quick-drying, lightweight and durable merino shirt with cooling effect

Cooling effect thanks to sustainable natural fibers
Moisture regulating and quick drying
Rugged and long lasting
Check this out, sheep and wool fans: The 120 COOL TEC WASH T-SHIRT for men provides a cooling effect on hot summer days and will captivate you with its casual print.

Our 120 COOL TEC PUZZLE T-SHIRT for men stands for pure functionality as the combination of fine merino fibers and TencelTM cellulose fibers of botanic origin is self-cooling, tough and durable thanks to corespun technology. This is due to a complicated process in which the fine merino and TencelTM fibers are spun around a core of polyamide filaments. The resulting yarn is used to produce a material that has the same benefits as merino wool and TencelTM, and is even more robust.

With a fiber diameter of 17.5 microns, the merino wool feels particularly soft on the skin, while the casual print makes this lightweight t-shirt look both athletic and fashionable.

The 120 COOL TEC WASH T-SHIRT for men is thus perfect for athletic mountain sports on hot summer days.

120 MERINO COOL TEC is a cooling combination of merino wool and TencelTM fibers (obtained from cellulose fibers of botanic origin). In a complex process, the fine merino and TencelTM fibers are spun around a core of polyamide filaments. This makes the fabric robust without sacrificing the benefits of merino wool and TencelTM.

Merino wool has been an integral component of ORTOVOX’s mountainwear since 1995. The focus of this has always been the protection of people, animals and nature: Our merino wool comes from selected farms that comply with our own wool standard: the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE. These farms are regularly monitored within the framework of the OWP to ensure that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained. The OWP is our commitment to fair wool.

Quick drying
Cooling Tencel™
Long lasting
CORESPUN technology by © Südwolle Group: (For increased stability)
Fine 17,5 Micron fiber diameter
Sustainably produced fibers

FIT: Regular Fit
MATERIAL 52 % virgin wool (MERINO) + 33 % lyocell (Tencel™) + 15 % polyamide


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