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Serles Grunge Flower, Aqua (tg 36)

Serles Grunge Flower, Aqua
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€ 59,95 Discount 50%


Item code: 103188-1.36
Brand: Chillaz
Size: tg 36
Color: Cyan
Gender: Donna
Unit of measurement: PZ
Availability: Available (1 PZ)

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An all-round talent par excellence - our LS Serles. The longsleeve made of cotton, modal, lyocell (Tencel®) and elastane adapts to all life situations and is pleasantly light on the skin. Lenzing's Lyocell fiber (Tencel®) is known for its antibacterial, antistatic properties and good moisture management. The discreet print on the sleeve gives the longsleeve that certain something.


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